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Veterinarian Electronic Assistant  Veterinarian Electronic Assistant (VEA) is a patent protected platform aimed at improving clinical documentation. 

Pat. No. 11,581,074


A System that finally thinks like a Veterinarian.

VEA is a voice-assisted SOAP portal that works as an add-on to a clinic's existing PIMS or can be used as a full-service PIMS.


VEA has an intuitive suggestion platform that is powered by a proprietary AI engine customized to how a Veterinarian thinks about differentials. 


Veterinary staff can use VEA's suggestions to auto-populate SOAP notes in a seamless user experience to perform standard differential diagnosis.


VEA is designed to think like a Veterinarian and has been trained by our clinical innovation team and quality checked against the Veterinary Advisor. 




Hands full? Need to go mobile? 


No problem.


VEA is designed with busy clinics in mind. VEA's processing is based on SOAP and is designed to think like a Veterinarian.


Speak your notes seamlessly and navigate through a friendly SOAP portal that thinks like a Veterinarian. 


VEA is designed to assist Veterinarians and their staff  so they can get back to doing the work they love.  

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differentials to diagnostics

VEA's platform was designed to intelligibly handle  rule-outs and treatment plans. 


Users can select from a list of differentials per exam category and speak or type in additional notes or reminders.


The ease of use allows for more time on exams and less on time on data entry, ultimately allowing Veterinarians to train VEA on auto-populating the rule-outs diagnostics, and descriptions correctly. 

Veterinarians approve everything. VEA never acts alone. 



VEA's proprietary and patented technology automatically suggests rule-outs and diagnostics based on the differentials provided in the Objective.   


VEA is trained with an eye like Veterinarians so clinics can automate more of their routine cases.


Bonus! VEA is trained by Veterinarians who use the Veterinarian Advisor as a resource. 


VEA populates your Treatment Plans, Final Visit Summaries, and Invoices automatically.


Every input in VEA is programmed with descriptions, pricing, and patient drug warnings.


The inputs you make in the portal are pre-populated to a note template branded for clinics and their personalized note-taking style. 

Need to make a quick change? No problem, users have the ability to make changes on the fly and add additional feedback without changing their templates.


  • Vaccine Reminders

  • Visit Reminders

  • Produce Invoices

  • Accept Payments - coming soon! 

  • Email Treatment Plans 

  • Approve Treatment Plans online 


chart smarter not harder

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