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Improved care, without the wait.

Veterinarian Electronic Assistant (VEA) was born from several painful visits to the Veterinarian with my rescue dog, Taki. With a history of abuse, Taki had a lot of fear for strangers which made Veterinary visits difficult.

We created VEA as a lifeline to improve the experience for pets like Taki at the Veterinarian clinic.

Co-created by Veterinarians, VEA was designed to eliminate the burdens placed on Veterinarians. By reducing clinic note back-log, streamlining revenue cycle management, and celebrating automation, our Veterinary staff can gain back their personal time while staying committed to making pets happy and healthy. VEA shortens the time required for Taki to be in the clinic and allows the documentation, diagnosis process, and checkout to be a breeze.

Trish & Taki

Beta Results are in!

We conducted a beta in Southern California with Veterinarians and Veterinarian technicians and we were so pleased with the results. They're simple and deliver high impact. Save time and increase revenue.


What more could you ask for? 

Save more pets and make more money doing it. 

VEA's initial beta unlocked some cool stats!

Clinics increased the total number of patients they saw per day.

Clinics ELIMINATED the additional 30-45 minutes after the exam to complete the SOAP note. 

Veterinarians were able to complete a snout to tail exam, labs, results, and build a final plan in VEA within minutes. 

*Labs and treatment times were excluded from the beta since those vary  for documentation. 

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